This most recent body of work was inspired from a conversation; the idea that we are all a product of eternity. Every action, or lack thereof, influences and changes someones life forever. We all have an imprint of every person we encounter, whether it’s a song they put in your head, their rash decisions that blew your mind, or just a mere glance establishing eye contact letting each one of you know that you had been acknowledged. Ideas are like a drop of water into an ocean; each ripple becomes a new idea, which triggers another idea, then another, etc. Even silence has an impression. The idea of product of eternity means that even you reading this paper right at this moment will effect your life forever.  

To visually represent this idea, I wanted to literally imprint multiple people onto a person. I did this by projecting overlaid images of people onto a single individual, signifying the imprint of every persons interaction. Once all of the images were projected onto a single individual, their image became less recognizable, showing the change we all gain from encounters with one another. To emphasize this idea three-dimensionally, I chose to have a persons image behind another persons, and another, etc., so that onlookers could see how multiple people being layered creates one persons identity.

Every thing we say or don’t say is life changing. With this body of work, I have visually shown the impact of multiple people becoming a ripple and imprint on individual lives. 

Nov 2011